Reduce Spam in WordPress by blocking IP-Addresses with iptables

For anyone running a blog or a website with a comment section, spam in the comments is a vexed issue. Though there are tools for WordPress that already sort out the spam pretty well and pack it into a spam folder, these entries needs to be checked anyway, because you dont’t want to accidentally delete … weiterlesen

Virtual Hosts with Apache

The Apache Web Server offers the possibility to run multiple web-sites with different hosts simultaneously. The pages and can therefore run on the same server and Apache. A requirement for this is that every host is connected to a virtual host in Apache. On Linux (Debian/Ubuntu) virtual hosts are defined in the directory … weiterlesen

spdns Dynamic DNS Update-Client

Dyn stops its free service. I’ve chosen Spdns as an alternative. A service of Secure Point GmbH . One may invest up to 5 hosts there and can choose between several top-levels-domains. Registration is simple and straightforward and requires only a username/password and an email-address for submission. You can reach the service at . … weiterlesen

Beaglebone Black set the right timezone

After installing Debian / Ubuntu on a BeagleBone the correct time zone needs to be set. This can be done easily with the command dpkg-reconfigure tzdata Maybe the appropriate package needs to be installed with apt- get install tzdata Now you can easily select the right time zone based on its location. After the correct … weiterlesen

PostgreSQL PostGIS create template_postgis

If spatial data need to be stored in a database, usually PostgreSQL with its PostGIS-extension is the first choice. In order to create databases that can work with geographic data, you must specify a template when creating the database, which copies the necessary extensions, data types and functions to the new database. This template is … weiterlesen