Bananian Update on SATA

I protracted it for a while but now it was definitely time: the upgrade of bananian to the latest version.

I protracted that, because although with 'bananian-update' there is a really nice upgrade script but on the corresponding website is said, that an SATA installation is not supported.

I then looked at the update scripts and after I found nothing that would affect my SATA installation, I gave that script a chance.


Protect your Server with Fail2Ban

Even if it's just a tiny computer - as soon as he hangs on the Internet, it is at risk and may be subject to attacks.

To avoid that you would have look through every log file, out from which IP the attack ran out and then lock this IP by hand using iptables as beschriben in this post Reduce Spam in Wordpress by blocking IP-Addresses with iptables


Banana Pi - Setup FTP-Server

This time it is completely simple: All you need to do is nothing!

The package OpenSSH, which is installed by default in almost all Linux distributions and that is responsible for the fact, that you can log in to your banana via SSH, contains already a SFTP server. SFTP = Secure File Transfer Protocol, that means an encrypted FTP protocol.

That means, users who are set up on the Banana Pi can immediately connect the banana with a FTP client such as FileZilla. You just have to take care, that you specify "SFTP" as protokoll.