Here a short overview of who writes here:

My name is Bjoern.

After studying Computer Engineering til pre-diploma in Siegen, my home, I moved in 1996 at the Technical University of Berlin and live in Berlin since.
I am a software engineer with 16 years’ experience designing, programming and testing software across a variety of platforms.
2001 I founded together with 2 partners the company "sensors systems solutions" here in Berlin and worked since then with a focus on process analysis and simulation of complex processes, development of machine learning methods for automatic rule generation and situation recognition for use in automatic control and decision support systems.
An other main topic of my work is the OGC-Standard for the Sensor Web Enablement for a few years.

As a co-founder and chief developer at "sensor system solutions" I've worked in many German and European research projects from concept to completion. Working in research projects gave me the opportunity to develop skills of programming microcontrollers, embedded systems such as Raspberry PI or the BeagleBone Black up to web platforms.