In the GetFeasibilityRequestResponse the service informs a client whether the requested task with the supplied parameters is feasible, and whether the required resources for this task are free and available.


Mandatory parameters for this response:

  • feasibilityID - a unique ID for the result of a specific request
  • feasibility - specifies whether the task is feasible or not. Possible values ​​are:
    • feasible
    • not feasible
    • response delayed, notification will be sent
    • request incomplete
    • not feasible, alternative available
  • LatestResponseTime - The answer will be shipped no later than that date. If by then there is no response , the task is considered "not feasible"

Optional parameters for this answer :

  • description - a description/justification for the given response
  • alternative - if the execution of a task is not possible with the desired parameters for some reason, alternative parameters can be offered here

An example of a GetFeasibilityRequestResponse:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<GetFeasibilityRequestResponse xmlns="" xmlns:gml="">

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