Banana Pi - install and setup Postfix

In most cases, it is also advisable to install a Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) on your server to enable him to send mails itself.

Why is this useful?

  • The system sends a warning or critical states in an email to the user root.
  • software like Wordpress send emails when a problem has occurred
  • If you want to use the "forgot password" function in WordPress or Seafile, this is done via E-Mail

However, you should be very careful with the configuration so that the own server is not abused by spammers.

Banana Pi - Seafile with Https, NginX and MySQL

Again, the precondition is a LEMP installation as described in this article: Installation of Nginx, MySQL and PHP
Seafile has a its own little web server, but it can not handle the HTTPS protocol. So, to get an encrypted transmission to the cloud, you have to run Seafile behind a "real" web server - in this case, nginx.

The installation is done in 4 steps:

Banana Pi - Boot Bananian from Hard-Disk

In order to have enough space on your home server, it is the best to connect a SATA disk. This has the advantage to a USB disk that you can also store the databases reliable to the SATA disk. I always had problems storing them on a USB-Disk. And if you have a hard drive connected, you can install the root file system to the disk, so that the banana boots from disk from now on.

Have a look at the polarity of the power cables of the SATA cable. The black wire should be on the left. Unfortunately I had to cut the cable and reverse them (sorry Frank:-)).


Banana Pi - Setup OwnCloud with Nginx and SSL

This requires a LEMP installation, as described here: Nginx, MySQL and PHP

This manual is written for an banana Pi, but it should also work for a Raspberry Pi or Beaglebone Black.
Step 1: Set up Nginx with SSL

These create the directory /etc/ssl/nginx, change to the directory and create a self-signed certificate.

Banana Pi - install Nginx, MySQL and PHP5

Whether you want to run OwnCloud, Baikal or WordPress on the Banana Pi - you will need a web server, MySQL and PHP. I have decided to use Nginx as web server, since it is very resource-friendly compared to Apache. And it is also known for its performance and stability.

This combination is known as LEMP: L inux + nginx(pronounced "engine x") + MySQL + PHP.

1. install Nginx

 apt-get install nginx 

Now start the server with

Banana Pi - Installation and first steps

First you have the Banana Pi naturally get its operating system.

Since the Banana Pi be used as server, I have decided for the distribution Bananian. An absolute lightweight distribution based on Debian Wheezy, which is designed for low resource usage, security and speed. No graphical user interface, no frills, just the pure operating system. Perfect for a server!


Facebook under Control

Maybe I'm romantically transfigured and / or simply out of date, but I have something against the fact that everyone who writes an app for my phone, wants to have nearly unrestricted access to all my data. Especially if those who have written the app, are a stock company and need to generate money.

That there are other ways, shows this app, that I would like to introduce here: Tinfoil for Facebook, developed by Daniel Velazco.