Move MySQL default storage place

The BeagleBone Black has a standard 2 GB built-in flash memory , but that can sometime be pretty close depending on the installed operating system and installed programs .

Moreover, it is quite useful to have certain applications, such as a php- based CMS to run with MySQL database on faster memory such as USB flash or an external USB hard drive .

Enhance Storage on the Beaglebone Black

The BeagleBone Black has a standard 2 GB built-in flash memory, but depending on the installed operating system and programs that sometimes can be pretty small.
If you still want to push some data to be home-folder or would like to operate the BeagleBone as WebServer, you just need more memory.

The memory can be expanded to 2 ways:

  • The installation of a micro SD card
  • The installation of USB memory.

The USB storage can be either a USB flash memory or, if a little more storage is needed, an external USB hard drive.

Give Beaglebone Black a static IP

If your Raspberry or Beaglebone is attached to your network and is doing some Jobs for you, it is important that it is always accessible with the same IP-Address.

In most cases the Network-Router, which is the DHCP-Server as well, will try to give every Computer connected to your Network always the same dynamic IP-Address, but this is not for sure.

By default the Raspberry / Beaglebone is set up to search for a DHCP-Server and to receive a dynamic IP-Address, but it is also possible to give your machine a static IP-Address.

OnClick vs. OnClientClick

For some time now I've developed some web applications with Mono, and in the beginning I really had my problems with the interaction between the ASP pages and Javascript , because the one thing runs on a server and the javascript on the client.

And it really took a while until I found out how to make a button not just doing a simple postback on a click-event, but to call a javascript function.