I protracted it for a while but now it was definitely time: the upgrade of bananian to the latest version.

I protracted that, because although with 'bananian-update' there is a really nice upgrade script but on the corresponding website is said, that an SATA installation is not supported.

I then looked at the update scripts and after I found nothing that would affect my SATA installation, I gave that script a chance.

And what shall I say, it works fine. So you can pretty safely use the script 'bananian-update' for the sotware upgrade on your bananian-server.

For safety, I had not checked that the boot settings have not been overwritten and it boots back of the SATA drive.

For that use:


nano uEnv.txt

In this file, the boot parameter should still be root=/dev/sda1 .

Restart and that's it. If everything goes well and everything was still there, where it belongs !! ;-)


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