Maybe I'm romantically transfigured and / or simply out of date, but I have something against the fact that everyone who writes an app for my phone, wants to have nearly unrestricted access to all my data. Especially if those who have written the app, are a stock company and need to generate money.

That there are other ways, shows this app, that I would like to introduce here: Tinfoil for Facebook, developed by Daniel Velazco.

Tinfoil for Facebook is a wrapper for the Facebook page, disconnected from the browser. It is almost the same as if you were using FB with your browser but with the advantage, that the browser history, cookies and cache are "safe" by the decoupling from the browser.
So FB runs in some kind of "Sandbox" and is not able to access the personal data lying on your phone.
Furthermore, the app offers an additional menu by wiping from the right edge of the screen, making the most commen sub-items such as messages or events accessible more easily.

The App is completely open source.

I've been using the app for a few weeks now and have not found any major problems. Sometimes it stucks a little bit, but still ok.
I can not say whether the app is running better or more stable than the Facebook app, because I've never installed the FB-App on any of my devices.

And just for fun here is the list of the permissions needed by these two apps (Source: Google Play Store):

Facebook-App Tinfoil
precise location (GPS and network-based)
approximate location (network-based)
approximate location (network-based)
test access to protected storage
modify or delete the contents of your USB storage
test access to protected storage
modify or delete the contents of your USB storage
receive data from Internet
download files without notification
adjust your wallpaper size
create accounts and set passwords
run at startup
prevent device from sleeping
view network connections
install shortcuts
change your audio settings
read Google service configuration
toggle sync on and off
draw over other apps
expand/collapse status bar
full network access
change network connectivity
set wallpaper
send sticky broadcast
read battery statistics
reorder running apps
connect and disconnect from Wi-Fi
read sync settings
control vibration
full network access
view network connections
Device & app history
retrieve running apps ---
find accounts on the device
add or remove accounts
read your own contact card
read your contacts
modify your contacts
read calendar events plus confidential information
add or modify calendar events and send email to guests without owners' knowledge
read your text messages (SMS or MMS) ---
write call log
directly call phone numbers
read call log
take pictures and videos
record audio
Wi-Fi connection information
view Wi-Fi connections ---
Device ID & call information
read phone status and identity ---

That's a difference .... Especially in "Contacts/Calendar" and "Other" are some real treats.

Of course, everything you do on this app with FB, again is fully accessible for all data collectors, but at least your personal data on your mobile / tablet is more protected and you can now decide yourself, which informations will go to the web.


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