Mandatory operations

  • GetCapabilities – Returns a document with a detailed description of the service and the connected sensors
  • DescribeTasking – With this operation, a client can obtain information about the parameterization of the sensor. This includes information about the permitted value ranges, the unit of measurement these values ​​must be transmitted and whether the setting of a specific value is mandatory or optional.
  • Submit – With this operation the (new) values are transmitted ​​to the SPS
  • DescribeResultAccesss – Here is described where the result of this process can be picked up after processing. This can be a SOS or simply a link to a file.

Optional operations

  • GetFeasibility – This query contains information about whether a sensor is ready for new tasks
  • GetStatus – This query can contain information about how far the execution of a task has progressed
  • Update – If this operation is supported, a new set of values can be sent to a given task
  • Cancel – With this operation, the execution of an operation is aborted

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