Protect your Server with Fail2Ban

Even if it's just a tiny computer - as soon as he hangs on the Internet, it is at risk and may be subject to attacks.

To avoid that you would have look through every log file, out from which IP the attack ran out and then lock this IP by hand using iptables as beschriben in this post Reduce Spam in Wordpress by blocking IP-Addresses with iptables


Reduce Spam in Wordpress by blocking IP-Addresses with iptables

For anyone running a blog or a website with a comment section, spam in the comments is a vexed issue. Though there are tools for WordPress that already sort out the spam pretty well and pack it into a spam folder, these entries needs to be checked anyway, because you dont't want to accidentally delete a real comment, that landed in the spam folder for some reason.
This takes time and just annoying!

Luckily, there are some mmore options for you - at least, if you have a root access to your Linux server.

Virtual Hosts with Apache

The Apache Web Server offers the possibility to run multiple web-sites with different hosts simultaneously. The pages and can therefore run on the same server and Apache. A requirement for this is that every host is connected to a virtual host in Apache.
On Linux (Debian/Ubuntu) virtual hosts are defined in the directory /etc/apache2/sites-available/. By default there is already one file named default created for one virtual host. It might look like this.


spdns Dynamic DNS Update-Client

Dyn stops its free service.

I've chosen Spdns as an alternative. A service of Secure Point GmbH .
One may invest up to 5 hosts there and can choose between several top-levels-domains.
Registration is simple and straightforward and requires only a username/password and an email-address for submission.
You can reach the service at .

The only problem was that my router has no way to deal with this service.

Beaglebone Black set the right timezone

After installing Debian / Ubuntu on a BeagleBone the correct time zone needs to be set. This can be done easily with the command

dpkg-reconfigure tzdata

Maybe the appropriate package needs to be installed with

apt- get install tzdata

Now you can easily select the right time zone based on its location.

PostgreSQL PostGIS create template_postgis

If spatial data need to be stored in a database, usually PostgreSQL with its PostGIS-extension is the first choice.
In order to create databases that can work with geographic data, you must specify a template when creating the database, which copies the necessary extensions, data types and functions to the new database. This template is usually named template_postgis and is generated automatically, when the PostGIS extension is installed .